Serving the community is above personal interests

Rotary Club of Kazan

Serving the community is above personal interests

About the Rotary Club of Kazan

Registered with Rotary International on April 12, 1999
Charter received on June 11, 1999

Founded in June 1998 by the distinguished academician and professor of Kazan State University, Vladimir Sidorov, who became the first president of the club. Since then, the Rotary Club of Kazan has been inspiring and gathering representatives from various professions, attentive and active citizens united by the desire to serve society.

Our club aims to develop and strengthen the ideals of service to society, which are the foundation of honest and dignified entrepreneurship. We take pride in our more than twenty-year history of service, having implemented over 100 charitable and community projects. Our activities not only cover the city of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan but also extend beyond their borders through participation in projects with other Russian and international Rotary Clubs.

We invite you to learn more about our work, projects, and events. If you share our ideals and wish to contribute to the betterment of society, we would be delighted to welcome you as our guest and member.

Join us in making a difference and supporting our meaningful initiatives.

For more information about our projects and events, please visit our VKontakte page:

With respect,
Timur Bikmullin, President 2023-2024
Rotary Club Kazan

Bikmullin Timur Gabdulgazizovich
President of the Rotary Club «KAZAN»

Hello Friends! I am glad to welcome you to our Rotary club "KAZAN". Let's make the world brighter, cleaner and kinder together!

Maria Gavrilyeva
The Governor of the District 2223
Dear friends! So the new Rotarian year has come and I know that you are fully prepared and looking forward to starting work aimed at developing and strengthening our pilot district.
Rotaract Club
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Rotaract clubs exist independently as a type of Rotary membership, and can be established at Rotary Clubs that can assist in their activities and help them with their experience and knowledge.

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Sakura Office Center, M. str.Salimzhanova 2B, Kazan, 420107

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